Saturday, June 26, 2010

Re: The Process.

Trying to get a film made is... difficult. Actually, to call it difficult is to put it mildly.

The fact that I have two feature films to my credit is kind of a miracle in the indie world. I was incredibly fortunate to have been invited by a close friend to become a part of "Dakota Skye." The film came together quickly because the films director (John Humber) and his family paid for it. There was no hunt for money. No need for multiple investors. In short, we just set out to make the film. Our collective filmmaking knowledge is what made it work.

For the next film, "Girlfriend," I was brought on by the Wayne/Lauren Film Co. after meeting with Justin Lerner and his team. Again, financing was already in place.

I just finished watching "Crazy Heart," the film for which Jeff Bridges won the Oscar for Best Actor. During the end titles, I noticed a laundry list of producers including cast members Robert Duvall and Bridges himself. This most likely means that, at some point, the film ran into financing trouble and was bailed out by members of the cast. I don't know this for sure, but it's a likely scenario.

Last week I had a very good meeting for another project that seems a long way off, but could very well end up being my third film as producer and may lead to a long term relationship with a well respected production company... Something I really hope goes through. At the same time, I continue to develop my own projects in the hope that I'll be able to get them made.

For indies, having a great script is hurdle number one. I have managed to find several now, and currently am working to make what I think is a good script (mine) into a great one. This too is difficult.

Hurdle number two, is finding the money. Something I'm working on.

But it feels like it's getting easier.

Wish me luck.

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