Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Next Thing...

With so many projects in various stages, it's always dificult to tell which one might get to the starting line first... but one project has emerged as the front-runner... and while I'll be preforming producing duties on a micro-budget legal thriller this summer, the one that is the closest to my heart... and something I've been developing, will be the next official project for Ravenwood Films as well as my feature directorial debut. The film is called IN THE SACK and was written by Arthur Tiersky.

SACK, which Ravenwood Films optioned this May, is an offbeat, edgy comedy-drama about a lonely, curmudgeonly bachelor who gets so fed up with disappointments in life and love that he decides to wear a black sack over his body everywhere he goes. His entire body. The intent is to automatically repel people and, in particular, women so as to kill all his hopes and thus all chance of disappointment, but gradually, the sack has the opposite effect, making him a source of intrigue and fascination for others as well as changing his personality. Freed of his usual anxieties and fears, he becomes much more relaxed, out-going, friendly and most of all, confident. He is convinced that the sack has solved all his problems, but of course, he eventually comes to realize that it's only a temporary fix, a shortcut around the real issues he has to deal with. The script is a penetrating, funny and brutally honest portrait of the fears that can cause loneliness and vice versa, and the right and wrong ways to go about facing them.

So there you go. We're talking to various investors as well as considering crowd-sourcing options and hope to have that together in the near future.

Stay tuned!