Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Re: Support GIRLFRIEND and Help Get The Film Out There!


Hey, guys. Been a while. Sorry I've been away, but trying to mount new projects is a time consuming process!

I'm back today to ask for your support. As you may or nay not know, our film GIRLFRIEND played to sold out capacity crowds at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival. We got rave reviews and Evan was a huge hit at the after-party's... but now that we've had our Festival Premiere, we need to get the film out to you, the audience, in as many places as we can. To do that, we're going to need your help.

Don't be alarmed. We do, in fact, have a great distributor in New York who are 100% behind us and the film we're all so proud of. Where IndieGoGo comes into play is in helping us to reach the widest possible audience by (hopefully) coming to more cities before eventually heading to streaming, home video and VOD.

To that end, we are partnering with the distributor to help facilitate our distribution strategy so we can reach our goals. All we need are the financial means to pull the trigger so we can make it happen.

Our goal is to raise 100k to promote and release the film theatrically, get into more festivals, print and sell DVD’s and build a website to stream the film online.

Anything we raise beyond that will be used to bring the film to more cities.

Hitting our goal means we'll be able to do more to get the film out there and in front of your eyes. The cool thing is, we've pulled together some really great incentives - and you'll be supporting us and the film.

Think of this like Paramount's campaign for the first "Paranormal Activity" where they asked YOU, the audience, to "demand" the film in your city, only without the big studio and without demands.

So get involved! Hit up IndieGoGo and make a contribution. You may just win something! But more importantly, you'll be helping us deliver this great film.

Thanks in advance.