Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Re: This Odd Business I'm In...

First off, thanks to those of you who are following this blog... It's nice to know you guys care even if I can't really detail the GIRLFRIEND process right now. At some point, hopefully, I'll be freed up to blog more about the experience on the film, but for now, I have to keep it low profile. It has been decided, after much consideration, that it is in the best interest of the movie to play things close to the vest.

I noticed a few of you left some comments, so I'll answer those before I jump into my latest blog.

First, to Wendy at TeamJAction - maybe it would be good if you could pull down anything that relates directly to the film. Anything that is general film related stuff, is fine to leave up. Thank you for asking and for your help.

Next, to Mandolinaes - Nothing wrong with GIRLFRIEND, quite the opposite everything is going very well. We've just decided to go "radio silent" for a bit as we're closing in on the finish line and don't want to jeopardize any aspect of the next steps in the process. Rest assured, when there's good news, we'll make announcements!

Last, but certainly not least, to Ali (Word Ninja) - I have definitely not grown tired of you (nor anyone else who bothers to follow me, for that matter!) And in answer to your question (the importance of which is not lost on me), yes... I do happen to think that "Shaun of the Dead" is one of the best movies ever. Not just because they chose to spell the lead characters name the way I spell mine, either! The film manages to maintain an amazing balance between the absolutely hilarious and actual creepy, gory horror. In fact, I got the opportunity (not too long ago, in fact) to talk with Edgar Wright (who you can follow on Twitter, by the way) and tell him how much I enjoyed the film. I'm very excited for his next film too.

Oh, I added something new and cool to this blog: In addition to being able to leave comments, you can now check these little boxes at the end of the blog to give me a quick assessment of how you feel about the topic or what's been included... it's a little like in High School ("if you like me, check this box") but I thought it would be kinda fun, so I've added it. Anyway. Give it a shot. No hard feelings either way... Promise. Oh, and: If you like the posts so far, tell your friends about the blog. I'm having a nice time interacting with the few of you who are (admitting) that you're readers, so pass it along! I'd really appreciate it!

I thought about it for a bit before I began to write this blog and I decided, since one of the words in the title of this blog is "Adventures," I figured I'd post a bit of what I've been up to here in the amazing city of New York.

It shouldn't surprise anyone to know by now that since I'm a complete movie geek, I've decided to seek out some New York landmarks during my time out here, and fortunately for you (or unfortunately, depending on how you feel), I brought along my camera. While walking around, I have focused on one of my favorites of all time: GHOSTBUSTERS.

This first image is of the entrance to Dana Barrett's apartment. My Post-Producer and I found it while walking around Central Park. A quick web-search determined that it was, in fact, "Spook Central."

Being the giant dork that I am, I sat on a bench across from the building and from my mp3 player, played a selection from the great Elmer Bernstein's score from the film. From Central Park, Jeff and I walked into Times Square so he could show me a building he hung off a beam from back when he was a New York City Iron Worker. He has an insane picture of it. After that, we took the subway:

To Canal Street:

From there we walked into the heart of Tribeca and literally without looking for it, we walked right into this:

Well. Having found the Firehouse from GHOSTBUSTERS, and despite the fact that I am often displeased with photographs of myself, I had Jeff take a shot of me out front.

Finally, we walked a bit further and I settled on a building that I will live in when this whole Producer thing begins to become financially, um, lucrative. I have taken a photograph for your approval.

My home will be one of the ones with the rounded windows. What do you think? I figure you can't go wrong with the Tribeca neighborhood. Maybe Bob DeNiro and I will meet up at the local market?

You never know.

More soon.



  1. Excellent blog post and the pictures are fascinating! Its been a long time since I watched Ghostbusters but I do recognise the firehouse. Infact, I clearly remember toy firehouses being on the shelves in numerous stores! No, I didn't have one, but I did have the movie soundtrack!

    Yes, you definitely have my approval on 'the building', which looks strangely familiar but I can't put my finger on it. Very nice! Do we all get invited around for a house-warming party?? Haha!

    Have you ever watched the film 'Ladies In Lavender', directed by Charles Dance, starring Judi Dench ad Maggie Smith? It was filmed entirely on location in the area I live, and I visited the sets on a few occasions. It was fascinating to see our everyday shops and streets transformed into the 1930's era.

    I love the new little buttons, definitely looks like fun. I'm contemplating putting them onto the TeamJAction blog.

    Finally, I've removed any posts that were relating directly to 'Girlfriend' on the TeamJAction feed and also on the Facebook page. (Oh boy! We did talk a lot!! LOL) Please don't feel bad about this Shaun, I fully understand your need to play things close to the vest. I'd just like to say a huge 'thank you' to you and the other producers for being to kind in sharing a little of the 'Girlfriend' experience with us all. I just know 'Girlfriend' is going to be an incredible film.


  2. Shaun, thank so much for the reply. I was worried about this. We hope great news soon. ;)


  3. I always love your blogs. And i'm not just saying that because we're related:)

    Love you cuz,


  4. This was a great post and it's always interesting to see what you come up with and what I can learn from it. I'm not here for the Girlfriend stuff, but more fascinated about the movie industry as a whole and your perspective on things. Ghostbusters was one of the first movies I can remember seeing and the pictures took me back to so many of the memories associated with the movie. Thanks again!

  5. I definitely enjoyed a vicarious thrill from your adventure, since one of my favorite movie memories is of when I saw Ghostbusters in the theater. I was small, and the screen was huge, and there were a few parts that had me hiding my face in the sleeve of my coat. I left the theater feeling ten feet tall.

    I'm so glad to hear that you hold Shaun of the Dead (and Edgar Wright, whom I do follow on Twitter, along with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) in high esteem. This means we can still be friends. ;)